When Dogs Fly...

Location of Origin: 4607 Wedgewood Boulevard, Frederick, MD, 21703, USA
Date Established: 1990
Category: Independent, Craft brewery with Extensive Regional Distribution in 31 States, Regional Brewpub Chain, Two Facilities, 50,000 Barrels of Annual Output.

Founded by George Stranahan in Aspen, Colorado, Flying Dog is frontrunner in today's American craft beer industry. The multi-facilty brewery started life out as one of the Rocky Mountains' first brewpubs which was soon converted into the first brewery to open in Aspen in over a century. As the impressive reputation for their beer grew in the area, the brewpub/brewery operation could not keep up with rapidly expanding demand, so the decision was made to move to Denver, where Flying Dog opened up a 50-barrel facility. The name "Flying Dog" has an interesting history. As the story goes, Stranahan and ten of his close friends decided to climb K2, the second tallest mountain in the world, often considered the toughest mountain to climb. With them was a sherpa, a donkey, and "a suitcase of contraband." About halfway through the climb, the contraband, whatever it was, had been depleted, and at this point, the donkey and the sherpa, who had considered the crew crazy, had left. Fortunately, the crew made it back safely and while enjoying a drink at the Flashman Hotel in Rawalpindi, Pakistan, they noticed a painting of a flying dog on the wall. Essentially, they were inspired enough by this to trace the roots of the brewery back to it. In another interesting piece of the brewery's story, famed author Hunter S. Thompson lived a few blocks from the original brewpub in Colorado. His love of firearms and drinks helped forge a close relationship with Stranahan, and in 1990, Thompson introduced Stranahan to Ralph Steadman, an English artist who famously worked with Thompson. Steadman would work with the brewery to create their famous, yet somewhat controversial label artwork that has become a huge part of the brewery's image. In 2005, the brewery dedicated a new imperial porter To this day, things have gone mostly well, with the exception of what many refer to as the P.C. Police, and their problems with the brewery's labeling. The brewery has been involved with various legal issues over their ability to sell their beer with labeling which has been called "vulgar and insinuating." Vendors and distributors, as well as state governments have occasionally banned the sale of various beers over the way they market their beer with some being marked as sexist ("Raging Bitch," "Pearl Necklace"), obscene ("Good Beer, No Shit") or overly driven by sex "Doggie Style," "In Heat Wheat"). Of course, the brewery has been able to win these legal issues, citing freedom of speech, and resume the sale of their highly rated ales. Perhaps these censors simply need to relax and have a pint.

Reviewed Beer from Flying Dog Brewery

1-29-13 Gonzo Imperial Porter
9-17-12 - Old Scratch

All rated Beer from Flying Dog Brewery

6-30-16 - Bloodline Blood Orange IPA - 3.07, American IPA, 7.00%
6-11-15 - Bloodline Nitro IPA - 3.06, American IPA, 7.00%
10-27-15 - The Fear - 3.52, Pumpkin Ale, 9.00%
10-25-15 - Counter Culture - 2.98, American Amber/Red, 6.00%
1-04-13 - Gonzo Imperial Porter - 3.80, American Double/Imperial Porter, 9.20%
Please see review above.
9-07-12 - Old Scratch - 3.09, Amber Lager, 5.50%
Please see review above.
7-29-11 - Doggie Style Classic Pale Ale - 3.62, American Pale Ale, 5.50%
Winner of the "Best Pale Ale in America" at the 1991 Great American Beer Festival, this pale is a
7-09-11 - Snake Dog IPA - 2.81, American IPA, 7.10%

7-02-11 - Road Dog - 3.67, American Porter, 6.00%