High Above

Location of Origin: 160 East Hill Road, Monson, MA 01057, USA
Date Established: 2011
Category: Independent Craft Ale House With One Single Facility, Distribution in only one state, and 7,000 Barrels of Annual Output

They say a line is evidence of a good product. Now, we don't know exactly who "they" are, but they are at least correct... when it comes to food. Personally, we probably wouldn't wait in line to buy a Harry Potter book, or an iPhone, but when it comes to Fine Italian dining, gourmet ice cream parlors, bakeries, or even taco trucks, sign us up. Founded in 2011 by Nate Lanier, Damien Goudreau, Jonathan Weisbach, and Dean Rohan in Brimfield, Massachusetts, Tree House brewing, now based in Monson, is a small craft brewery, whose demand is a clear indicator of how sought after their beer really is. There are routine lines around the building as well as carry out limits as seemingly, the world wants a taste of what is now frequently referred to as some of the best IPAs in the country. Currently, their beers average a 4.38/5 on Beer Advocate, with many receiving ratings above 97. And their lines out the door are a good reminder to everyone that people are willing to wait for something as long as others are, too. Were you ever happy to wait in a long line at Burger King? Doubtful. The brewery strives to produce some of the most coveted ales in the New England area by taking pride in three main goals: Freshness, Quality, and Consistency. While this may sound like a cheesy mantra from any factory/HR department work related poster (e.g. "Respect, Service, and Professionalism") which of course, no one pays any attention to, it actually does mean something at Tree House. The brewery did expand in early 2015 which allowed for them to produce up to 10 times more of their flagship Julius beer than before, and the brewery also has its own tall boy canning abilities. Visitors to the brewery usually line up toting empty growlers in hand, and the on tap menu changes daily to keep people informed of what to expect before they potentially arrive disappointed, though with the high quality of all of their offerings, they probably won't be no matter what. The brewery is a draft only, retail only facility which distributes to only six beer bars around Western Mass. Otherwise, the only place you can get their beer, is at their brewery. While this may seem like a huge inconvenience, especially for those in Boston or New York City, it does allow for two things on their factory poster mantra. First, by being the only place you can essentially buy their beer, they have full reign over the storage, shelf turnover, and serving parameters, which helps facilitate a fresh and consistent beer. And because they only distribute to six bars in the immediate area, they can make sure that the tap lines are clean, the beer is served in the proper glass, and poured at the right temperature. As far as quality goes, they could let their scores speak for themselves. They only use American made malt as well as hops from only the most recent harvest to ensure freshness. They also wish that you contact them immediately if their beer or a draft line serving their beer is "less than ideal." The brewery started as a ten-gallon nano operation and recently moved into a 9,000 square foot, 7,000 barrel a year capacity facility with a 1,000 square foot tap room. The current goal is to maintain distribution around Western Mass, but the founders are hopeful they'll have enough beer to dole out some kegs to their favorite bars around Boston.

Reviewed Beer from Tree House Brewing Company

5-28-16 - Julius
8-14-15 - Haze

All rated Beer from Tree House Brewing Company

4-21-17 - Pride & Purpose - 3.26, American Pale Ale, 5.10%
4-09-17 - Juice Machine - 3.89, American Double/Imperial IPA, 8.20%
4-09-17 - Double Shot - 3.84, American Stout, 8.60%
4-08-17 - Bright - 3.99, American Double/Imperial IPA, 8.00%
2-25-17 - Single Shot - 4.04, American Stout, 6.40%
12-04-15 - Julius - 4.02, American IPA, 6.80%
Please see review above.
11-20-15 - That's What She Said - 3.52, Milk/Sweet Stout, 5.60%
11-14-15 - Lights On - 3.78, American Pale Ale, 5.60%
7-13-15 - Green IPA - 4.06, American IPA, 7.60%
6-22-15 - Haze - 4.17, American Double/Imperial IPA, 8.20%
Please see review above.
4-06-15 - Sap - 3.92, American IPA, 7.30%
This is yet another IPA in the brewery's long series of the style. Brewed almost exclusively with Chinook hops, this floral and piney beer offers a bright golden appearance, plenty of fresh bitterness, a good amount of fruity notes, and a dry lingering finish that makes it a broadly satisfying IPA. This was originally a limited seasonal offering and the brewery has now put it into year round production.