All Roads Lead to Vino.

Like their neighbor to the Northwest, Italy takes pride in their wine. In fact, Liter for Liter you can get cheap wine for less Euros than water in most Italian grocery stores. Unsurprisingly, Italy does not have a large history with beer. The largest and best known international Italian brand Peroni was established after WWII, and sells more product outside of Italian borders than within them. Even today, most of the major breweries have been operating under Italian names, and the connection with the republic ends there. SAB Miller owns Peroni along with its most famous brand Nastro Azzurro. Heineken International owns Dreher, Ichnusa, and Moretti. Carlsberg Group owns Poretti and Splugen.

So you see, when in Rome, you drink wine. Most of the beer brewed in Italy is Pale Lager. Some local and regional micro-breweries have sprouted around the country, and craft beer has been on the rise as of late. But you won't be spoiled for choice among Italian brands of beer as you would be for wine.


Rated Italian Beers

8-17-13 - Amarcord AMA Boinda - 3.09, Belgian Pale Ale, 6.00%
3-30-10 - Heineken Italy Birra Moretti - 2.87, Pale Lager, 4.60%
3-30-10 - Birra Peroni Nastro Azzurro - 2.68, Pale Lager, 5.10%
3-30-10 - Birra Peroni Peroni - 2.44, Pale Lager, 4.70%

Popular Beer Styles in Italy

  • Pale Lager
  • Italian Breweries with Rated Beer

  • Amarcord Birra Artigianale Italiana - Rimini, Italy
  • Heineken Italy - Rome, Italy (Amsterdam, Netherlands)
  • Birra Peroni - Rome, Italy (SAB Miller - London, England, United Kingdom)