My Beer From Tokyo

Brewery and Country of Origin: BrewDog Brewery of Unit 1, Kessock Workshops Fraserburgh AB43 8UE Scotland, UK

Date Reviewed: 2-03-12

Beer #400

BrewDog prides themselves on producing out of this world, heavy, extremely strong, and bold beer. The Tokyo* is no different. An Imperial Stout by definition, this full bodied monster out of Scotland is packing a substantial amount of bite. You will consume four average beers' worth of alcohol in one 330 ml bottle. And despite the intimidating abv percentage, the near as makes no difference pitch black appearance, and verbose language the brewers use to describe the brewing process (on the label), this tastes much "lighter" than you would expect. We say that because although this beer has a lot of alcohol in it, that should not sway your opinion of how it tastes. Don't get us wrong, this brew has an array of huge flavors and aromas, but they don't punch you in the face. For whatever reason, this is definitely a sippable beer. Note - Please don't chug this... you'll waste your money, and your mind. Also recommended, if you're patient enough, this tastes better with age (at least 5 years).
Date Sampled: 2-01-12 At: 7 Prescott Place - Lower Allston, Boston, MA, USA
Beer Style: Imperial Stout
Alcohol by Volume: 18.20%
Serving Type: 330 ml Bottle, Stange Glass
Rating: 4.31


As you can see by the picture, this is a very dark beer. More specifically, this is a dark red-brown, hinting at the roasted malt used in the brewing process. It pours with very little carbon action and leaves a tan foam head no wider than a few sheets of paper. This beer is clear but does contain sediment.


Here is where things start to get complex. Powerful aroma including Chocolate, oak, coffee, and cinnamon. As you would imagine, the alcohol scent is definitely noticeable, but not distinct as a spirit's smell would be.


Little carbonation with a thicker, highly viscous, molasses like mouthfeel and texture. Don't swish this around as you won't want to consume any of the sediment that this beer contains - leave it in the bottom of the bottle where it belongs. Smooth and full bodied.


Very sweet, hints of chocolate, and fruit (apparently cranberries). Many subtle sensations happening at once. For how much alcohol is contained in this, it isn't much of a determining factor among this complex mosaic of flavors. Lingering aftertaste of coffee and vanilla.

Our Take

We know that not all of you like thick, dark, heavy, or strong beer. This beer is all of those things. Because this is an expensive beer ($12-18/330 ml bottle), we recommend that you do not try this beer unless you are a major stout fan (or, if some great friend of yours gives one to you). This is absolutely one of the greatest beers we have had in quite some time, and at 18.20% abv, the second strongest to date. Sip it slowly to savor all of the distinct flavors that this brew has to offer. Age it if you have the patience to, and when you and your beer are ready to celebrate, open it up when the times are right. This beer, as its label suggests, is for times of celebration and excess... which is why it was chosen to be our #400th beer sampled and our first full review ever.