Bus Goers Looked to Rosa Parks. Brewers Look to BrewDog.

Location of Origin: Unit 1, Kessock Workshops Fraserburgh AB43 8UE Scotland, UK
Date Established: 2006 First produced beer in April 2007
Category: Independent regional craft brewery - Limited International Distribution (about 1.44 million bottles a year)

"Join the craft beer revolution." That is the phrase that BrewDog of Scotland uses to sell their beer. This is a brewery that offers beer genuinely unlike any other we've come across (much less, beer that we've actually had before) in character, alcoholic strength, and perhaps most pressing, price. Their recent offerings have started at 4.1% ABV with their Trashy Blonde, but they have ventured all the way up to 55% ABV with their limited edition (12 beer run) of The End of History - a beer otherwise known as the unofficial world record holder as the strongest and priciest beer ever. Prices were ₤700 per 11.2 oz bottle which were packaged inside taxidermied small animals like squirrels. Their average alcohol strength across their entire active line of beers exceeds 12% ABV. And just to remain consistent with their fiercely independent style, they brewed an extremely hopped 1.1% ABV beer called Nanny State as a response to criticism of offering only high strength beers. But BrewDog is much more than buzz marketing and brief press releases. Each beer that they produce was only produced because the brewers wanted to enjoy them. These guys don't force any subject on you, and they won't spend billions a year in an effort to make bikini models drive sales, not the quality of the beer itself. Though their beer isn't the best or the highest quality, you indulge in these fine beers as a fun novelty. These brews are an experience, and that's the point. Just read the verbose label on each of their bottles, you'll get the idea. These are still very good beers which get awarded for their qualities around the world. But like we've said, this company approaches the whole distribution and retailing thing differently. To them, the status quo isn't just selling beer for money, it's basically about not spreading the word of what this craft beer thing is all about. BrewDog sells the idea of an exciting, exclusive, and somewhat rebellious beer culture, and it is up to the discerning beer drinker to decide whether all of the hype lived up to its name. To us, there's no question about it.

Reviewed Beer from BrewDog Brewery

10-03-12 - Dogma
2-03-12 - Tokyo* Stout

All rated Beer from BrewDog Brewery

5-30-18 - Punk IPA - 3.21, British IPA, 5.60%****************
12-18-14 - Libertine Black Ale - 3.26, Scottish Black Ale, 7.20%
12-07-14 - 5 A.M. Saint - 3.83, Scottish Amber/Red Ale, 5.00
9-12-12 - Dogma - 4.11, Herbed/Spiced Beer, 7.80%
Please See Review above.
2-01-12 - Tokyo* Stout - 4.31, Imperial Stout, 18.20%
Please See Review above.