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Location of Origin: Tvailka Iela 44, Riga, 1005, Latvia
Date Established: 1865
Category: Subsidiary Brewery of Baltic Beverages Holding (That Being a Subsidiary of Carlsberg Group, Largest Brewery in Latvia With 400 Employees, Distribution High Domestically, Average in Region, Low Outside of Baltic Sea.

If you have read up on our information about Eastern European beer (from countries like Latvia, Poland, The Czech Republic, or Estonia) you'll know that the beer produced in the area is like nothing else on Earth. The Czechs have the world renowned Pilsner, from the Bohemian region. The Russians are fans of Strong Ales (though their czars were fans of Imperial Stouts). And the Baltic region (including Latvia) has become famous for their Baltic Porters, a variation of the English tradition. These are mostly stronger and slightly maltier versions of their British cousins, and have become favorites among the local crowds. One well known regional producer is the Aldaris Brewery, the largest and most popular in Latvia. The brewery was founded in 1865 in the capital city, Riga. And while their Porteris is widely produced domestically, (reviewed below), Aldaris also brews many pale Euro style lagers, including lights and pilsners. The brewery's location of Riga has made it logistically and geographically central among the Baltic countries, making it feasable for all of their brewing operations to take place in one central facility. Aldaris's beer is widely available in these three countries with Lativa, Estonia, and Lithuania. The brewery is a wholly owned subsidiary of the Baltic Beverages Holding company, itself being a subsidiary of Carlsberg Group from Denmark.

Reviewed Beer from Aldaris Brewery

1-02-12 - Porteris

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12-21-12 - Porteris - 2.58, Baltic Porter, 6.80%
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