The Shoulders of Giants

Location of Origin: 100 Ny Carlsberg Vej, 1799 Copenhagen V, Denmark
Date Established: 1847
Category: Public (OMX: CARL.A, CARL.B), Macrobrewery With International Assets, Multiple Facilities, Over 42,000 Employees, > DKK 60 Billion in Revenue, Broad International Distribution, and Controlling Many Global Brands and Other Regional Breweries.

Being the fourth largest brewery in the world, it's fairly certain you've come across a pint of Carlsberg lager at least once. And although they sell their flagship brew across the world in massive quantities, the macrobrewery also owns (or has controlling interests) in dozens of other local, regional, and international brands as well, with one of the newest and largest stakes being a controlling interest in Scottish and Newcastle (also controlled by Heineken International). Unlike Budweiser or Guinness, which is generally the same no matter where you are purchasing it (save the licensed brewing operation talks), Carlsberg's (except for their flagship brew) are not sold worldwide. Each of the three large geographic market segments are treated separately. These are: Northern & Western Europe, Eastern Europe, and Asia. Interestingly enough, Carlsberg penetrates these markets more by acquiring local breweries and other regional assets, rather than spreading the distribution of their own beers from Denmark. Despite the global reputation that Carlsberg Lager may have around the world, Carlsberg has been a science and biochemistry pioneer when it comes to the delicate sciences that are involved with brewing beer. The measurable activity a solvated Hydrogen ion (pH) was discovered at Carlsberg's in house Carlsberg Laboratory, which specialized in solving the problems associated with the ruining of a batch of beer. Certain yeast species, especially those used to make pale lagers, have been isolated and discovered at the lab. Many advances in protein chemistry have been made there as well, and today, it contines to conduct research for the advancement of scientifically sound brewing practice.

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11-29-14 - Carlsberg Group Sweden Pripps Carnegie Porter - 3.51, Baltic Porter, 5.50%
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3-28-10 - Carlsberg - 2.98, Lager, 3.80%
First brewed in 1904, this is the flagship brew of Carlsberg, this is a traditional Euro style pale lager with a grainy overall character. This beer, considering what it is, who it's made by, and how much of it is produced every year, sets itself apart from other competing brands by offing a more robust malty beginning and hoppy finish, closer to a more solid ale. Still, this isn't anything that is extremely unique or mouth-catching, but a pitcher of it still goes down great with friends and a real burger at the pub. Just make sure the footy match is on the telly.