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Location of Origin: 102 Kifissou Avenue, Athens, 12241, Greece
Date Established: 1963
Category: Subsidiary (of Heineken International Macro Contractor Brewery With Major Domestic, Some Continental, and Moderate Global (30 countries in Europe, Africa, and North America) Distribution, and Four Facilities, Largest Brewery in Greece.

In 1963, a group of Greek entrepreneurs founded the Athenian brewery in the nation's historic capital of Athens. The brewery was set up as a collaborative project of the Amstel Brouwerij BV. Being affiliated with a widely known brand like Amstel, the brewery had little trouble becoming a regional mainstay, eventually claiming the top spot as Greece's most widely recognized breweries, and the largest brewer in the country by sales volume. It began life as a contractor brewery, producing Amstel beer under license in 1965. The brewery became affiliated with Heineken International when the Dutch company merged with Amstel in 1968. Athenian expanded in the city of Thessaloniki by adding a second plant in 1974. The addition of this brewery helped establish Amstel beer as a prime leader in the Greek market gaining widespread popularity in 1976. The company added a third brewery in the city of Patra, around the time that the company began brewing Heineken's regional beer portfolio for the country, including its flagship pilsner. Things continued to grow well for Athenian, which built another facility in 1993 in Lamia, where the brewery could take advantage of the mineral spring water located there. Seven years later, the brewery began producing it's first branded beer, Alfa, an adjunct lager with 5.00% ABV. Today, the brewery produces three other proprietary brands, and Amstel, Heineken, Fischer Pilsner, and Buckler Lager, a non alcoholic beer, under license. The brewery also produces natural mineral water thanks to it's Lamia facility, and is an importer of major international brands including Chimay, Erdinger, Konig Pilsener, Murphy's Irish Stout, and others. In 2011, it was recognized as Greece's best employer with over 250 employees.

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10-04-12 - Marathon Lager

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9-13-12 - Marathon Lager - 2.69, Greek Adjunct Lager, 5.00%
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