Detroit: Imported From... Europe

Location of Origin: 237 Joseph Campau Street, Detroit, MI 48207, USA
Date Established: March 1997
Category: Independent Microbrewery with some national distribution.

As we all know, Detroit has been through some very tough times over the past decade or so. Jobs are heading out of the State of Michigan, struggling American manufacturers have closed down factories, and it just seems depressing, desperate, and desolate to stand downtown. Lately, Detroit has been one of the only major cities in the US to be shrinking, and rather quickly. But with plummeting values, people looked to foreign investment for help. Fiat, an Italian car manufacturer, purchased a controlling stake in Chrysler. And now, it's back, and making better cars than it has in a long time. Turns out, Detroit has been doing some foreign investing of their own. Atwater Block Brewery, settled just a few blocks from GM Rennaisance Center off of E. Jefferson Ave. uses an entirely German brewing system, imported straight from the motherland. Theirlagers are brewed using more than 200 year old brewing practices, and utilize german malts and hops. Their ales are brewed with American ingredients. And though this brewery isn't as "American" as many would like it to be, they do make great beer. Beer so good in fact, their motto is: "We drink what we can and we sell the rest!"

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All rated Beer from Atwater Block

12-29-10 - Atwater Vanilla Java Porter - 3.15, American Porter, 5.50%
This is a dark red, filtered, top fermented, modestly carbonated porter which is very malty, sweet, full of vanilla flavor, and features a java/coffee like aroma, taste, and aroma. The Java is a medium bodied beer with a thin foam head that dissipates quickly for a porter, and there is no lacing on the glass. Very smooth, very sweet, and very drinkable. There are better porters (and better coffee porters) out there, but there's nothing terribly wrong with what we've got here.