Keep It In The Family

Location of Origin: Munchner StraBe 21, 85653 Aying, Germany
Date Established: 1877
Category: Independent, Regional Brewery With Moderate International Distribution (10%), and 120,000 Barrels of Annual Output

There is something to be said about a brewery, or any company for that matter, which has remained private and wholly owned by the same family for more than a century. About 25 km south of Munich, the Ayinger Brewery has been managed by the same family for five generations, since the brewery opened in 1878. Quite a feat, especially in a country defined by large corporations, conglomerates, and consolidation. The brewery, which currently employs about 80 people, brews from its newest location on the Munich Road in Aying. The new location was opened in 1999 and at that time, it was considered to be the most modern, state of the art brewery in Europe. Though, this was all done while still maintaining a humble family oriented operation. All of the administration and management aspects of the brewery are still conducted at home, which is located within walking distance of the new brewery, and even the brewmaster, Franz Inselkammer jun, is second generation. Aying is the only brewery in the Munich region which has its own deep well (176 meters deep) which supplies the rich, high quality mineral water for pristine brewing results. They currently brew 12 permanent offerings along with other seasonal beers, many of which earn prestigious domestic and international awards, including "Best Ever Tested Beer" at the Chicago Beverage Testing Institute, and "Prize of the Best" from the German Agricultural Society, both for the Celebrator Doppelbock, one of the brewery's more popular beers.

Reviewed Beer from Brauerei Aying

10-19-12 - Brau Weisse
4-23-12 - Celebrator Doppelbock

All rated Beer from Brauerei Aying

6-18-14 - Jahrhundert Bier - 3.86, Dortmunder/Export Lager, 5.23%
9-15-12 - Brau Weisse - 3.64, Hefeweizen, 5.10%
Please see review above.
4-21-12 - Celebrator Doppelbock - 4.03, Doppelbock, 6.70%
Please see review above.