Sweet Perestroika

Location of Origin: 6 Verkhny, Per 3 Ru, 194292, St. Petersburg, Russia
Date Established: 1990
Category: Subsidiary (of Carlsberg Group) Macrobrewery with Facilities in 10 Russian Cities, Widespread Domestic Distribution with a 40.6% Market Share (Domestic Leader, Largest in Eastern Europe, Second Largest Brewer in Europe after Heineken Brewery), Widesperad International Distribution (60+ countries making up 70% of Russian Beer Exports), Controlling Interests in 6 Foreign Countries, and 630 million Liters of Annual Output.

If you read our page on OB Golden Lager, you'll know the stark differences between The Republic of Korea, and its neighbor to the North. One is a free market, G20, Four Asian Tigers country with a highly developed, diverse, and advanced economy. The other, a severely isolated, fiercely independent, communist, desolate, famished dictatorship with a military for an economy. So what happened? The Korean peninsula was divided along the 38th Parallel as a result of World War II between the Soviet Union, and the United States. Your history class should have made you very familiar with all of this. Either way, for an economist (or someone interested in social and economic nerdy stuff) it's a very interesting situation, becasue we (being the rest of the world) get to see exactly what results from two completely different economic and political ideals. And that's what makes this brewery a prime case study for an economics class (if they ever did one). Founded in the Federal City of Leningrad (now St. Petersburg) in 1990, Baltika gets its name from the Baltic Sea which is home to neighbors Estonia, Sweden, and Latvia, among others. When the brewery began commercial operations, it quickly became a massive success, gaining marketshare and rapidly expanding its distribution across the country and Eurasia. Over the years, it has expanded both organically and through dometic and foreign acquisitions. The brewery became a part of the Carlsberg Group when it was acquired in April of 2008 (Carlsberg currently owns 89.01% of the company). Baltika is currently the largest fast-moving consumer goods producer in Russia, and exports more than 70% of all of Russia's Beer exports. The brewery distributes its beer in over 60 different countries, and first began international sales in 2000. The brewery also license brews for Carlsberg, and its Baltika brands are brewed internationally. The brewery is the second largest single brewery in Europe after Heineken Brewery.

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3-18-13 - Baltika #4 Original Dark Lager

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3-08-13 - Baltika #4 Original Dark Lager - 2.72, Euro Dark Lager, 5.60%
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