"He stole it und now instead of Deutschland's greatest beer we merely have fourth best behind Steinemarzen, Rottenburger, und, und... Und Beck's? Ja, und Beck's!"

Location of Origin: Am Deich 18/19, 28199 Bremen, Germany
Date Established: 1873
Category: Subsidiary International Macrobrewery, Wholly owned by Anheuser-Busch InBev, Fifth Largest Brewery in Germany by Sales, International Distribution.

Founded in 1873 by Luder Rutenberg in the bustling Hanseatic city of Bremen, Germany, the Beck's Brewery is one of Germany's biggest producers of beer, especially pale lager. The brewery uses barley from Southern England, and Hallertau hops, yeast, & water from southern Germany. The brewery has always been able to distribute beer arond Europe (and the rest of the world) easily, due to its location on the Wesser river, one of Germany's major waterways. Their flagship beer, brewed since the brewery has been established, is produced under current Reinheitsgebot law (though the law itself had to be amended to include yeast as an approved ingredient). The brewery is noted for being the first in Germany to bottle their beer in green glass. Today, the brewery manufactures 16 different brews, including Blue, an alcohol free version of their flagship brew, Beck's Ice, an ice-filtered/fractionally frozen beer, and St. Pauli Girl, a pilsner not sold in Germany, but distributed world wide, and known for their ad and label models adorned in "traditional" oktoberfest serving outfits. Yes. Beer girls. That's what the proper term is... In February of 2002, the entire brewery was sold to Interbrew (now AB InBev) from families who had owned and controlled the business for more than 120 years. And although the brewery is owned by The Dutch, the Beck's Red Key logo (a reverse image of the Bremen Coat of Arms) will remind you that Beck's is still all German, all business.

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3-14-10 - Beck's Pale Lager - 3.11, Pilsner, 5.00%
The flagship beer of the brewery. Being sold in over 100 different countries, this is the best selling export beer of Germany. Domestically, this is the fifth best selling beer in Germany. This is a traditional pilsner that is medium bodied, moderately carbonated, fairly aromatic, and features a full head. Sold in green bottles, so keep out of the sun. Much better on tap, and goes great with German cuisine.