"Where Everybody Knows Your Name"

Location of Origin: 1665 Penfield Road, Rochester, NY 14625-2549, USA
Date Established: Mid Twentieth Century, Closed 2012
Category: Independent Pub/Casual Dine-In Restaurant

Nope, this isn't the Boston bar that everyone loved in the 1980s. This is... or should we say, was, J.G. Crummers, a local Penfield (suburb of Rochester), New York pub and restaurant which was somewhat of a local townie favorite. The owners wanted to create an atmosphere which catalyzed a neighborhood-like, friendly environment, where your fellow pubgoers were your second family. And no. Nobody famous worked there. The bar regularly showed sports events (mostly MLB, Buffalo Bills, and Buffalo Sabres games) on its TVs. The bar itself had a traditionally styled indoor venue with a full bar, and restaurant section. Inside were also a few pub games (darts, pinball, etc), and a popcorn machine. The bar also had a fenced in patio section which was open during the summertime. The beer selection contained the usual suspects, plus a locally sourced brew called Kick Arse Ale, which was crafted under contract by Rochester Area Custom Brewcrafters. The bar also served the usual pub fare: wings, burgers, fries, and everything else you'd expect from an unoriginal menu. The bar had become sort of a local gathering place, but was facing financial difficulty in the late 2000s. Following the closing of a neighboring pub, McGuinness (known for it's draftmaster tap tables) and its successor (some crap bar with a name we don't remember), Crummers closed in 2012. In 2013, the bar was renovated and reopened as The Penfield Pour House. The current bar offers over 30 different beers on tap, and a wide variety of "hand" made pub fare. The draft beer selection includes many from local brewery Rohrbach.

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7-04-11 - Kick Arse Ale - 2.59, American Pale Ale, 5.00%
Brewed under contract by Custom Brewcrafters. Somewhat hoppy and nicely balanced taste and drinkability. This is a light bodied, fairly bitter ale which doesn't offer much in the department of unique experience, but it delivers on the promise of value. This makes for a good summer go to casual drinking beer.