Ghost Brewer

Location of Origin: 300 Village Square Boulevard, Honeoye Falls, NY, 14472, USA
Date Established: 1997
Category: Independent Craft Micro Contractor Brewery With One Main Facility, Moderate Local Distribution in Local Retail and Restaurants.

A Ghostwriter is someone who is paid to be involved in the writing and production of a piece of literature, music, art, or other form by someone but isn't credited as the author. This practice can be applied in many arenas, especially autobiographies, music lyrics, or news and magazine articles. To an extent, it occurs in beer making as well. Most often, you'll come across a setup called a contract brewery, or a company which creates the recipes for the brews, and is in charge of the branding, marketing, administrative, selling, accounting, and financial ends, while a contractor brewery actually produces the product. This is commonly done in the case of a small brewery which does not yet have the necessary capital or sales to acquire expensive brewing facilities and equipment on their own. Contractor breweries, such as North American Breweries' High Falls brewery, or Matt's Utica brewery craft their own brands as well as producing beers for other companies under license. This includes both large national or international brands such as Harpoon (Matt produced Harpoon's canned offerings under license), as well as smaller, regional brands like Narragansett (produced by North American Breweries. Contract brewing is a good way for small breweries to get off the ground by cutting costs and/or increasing their potential to distribute their beer to a larger market. Custom Brewcrafters in Honeoye Falls (a suburb of Rochester, New York), sees it quite differently. Rather than producing contracted beer for other breweries, they create the beer, its unique brand, and distribute it for private sale in restaurant and pubs in Rochester, Buffalo, and the Finger Lakes Region. The beers are made to custom orders from the venues, and are only available at the respective bars. The brewery, which moved to its current location in April of 2008, also has an onsite brewery tour where visitors can sample 23 different beers (many only available at the brewery), explore a 2,000 square foot retail space full of beer paraphernalia, learn all about their brewing process, and take home the beer of their choice in growlers.

Reviewed Beer from Custom Brewcrafters

12-04-12 - Fresh Hop Harvest Ale
12-03-12 - Pile Driver IPA
10-10-12 - Double Dark Cream Porter

All rated Beer from Custom Brewcrafters

This list includes all of the beers crafted for The 1803 Walter Grieve's Brewery and Hop House at the Genesee Country Village & Museum in Mumford, NY.
7-17-15 - Night Owl Cream Stout - 3.40, American Porter, 5.00%
12-19-14 - Christmas Ale - 3.12, American Brown Ale, 5.00%
11-27-14 - War Horse Kilt Inspector - 3.08, Scottish Ale, 5.50%
7-25-13 - Pour Man's Broo - 3.70, American Pale Lager, 5.00%
7-25-13 - Caged Alpha Monkey - 3.28, American IPA, 6.50%
7-25-13 - Finger Lakes Summer Wheat Hefeweizen - 3.08, Hefeweizen, 4.90%
11-22-12 - Fresh Hop Harvest Ale - 3.55, American IPA, 5.00%
Please see review above.
11-22-12 - Pile Driver IPA - 3.97, American IPA, 4.50%
Please see review above.
9-14-12 - Double Dark Cream Porter - 3.02, American Porter, 5.00%
Please see review above.
7-01-12 - Genesee Country Villiage and Museum Fat Ox Ale - 2.93, American Brown Ale, 6.00%
This is a pretty standard brown ale, full of rich malty flavors and a well balanced profile. This is a medium bodied beer with a good amount of carbonation, a nice lacing, and a clean finish. This beer is served at the local Genesee Country Villiage and Museum replica brewery. The museum is a recreation of a old American villiage from the 1800s.
12-31-11 - MacBubba Scotch Ale - 2.79, Scotch Ale/Wee Heavy, 6.50%
This is a scotch ale brewed with roasted barley, crystal and peated malt, and First Gold as well as Phoenix hops. This is a fairly well balanced beer which offers big malty flavors, darker roasted character, and a subtle warming effect at the end. The brewery recommends drinking this with strong cheese, smoked or cured meats, and dessert.
7-09-11 - Finger Lakes Refreshing Canadaigua Lake Ale - 2.34, American Ale, 5.00%
This is a light bodied ale with a lighter pale (crystal) malty aroma, a crisp and refreshing finish, and a cool feel. This beer is brewed with Pils and CaraVienne malts, and cascade, simcoe, and willamette hops. According to Custom Brewcrafters, this beer goes well with softer cheeses and seafood.
7-04-11 - Kick Arse Ale - 2.59, American Pale Ale, 5.00%
Please see J.G. Crummers for more information.