Sweet As Tupelo Honey

Location of Origin: 445 Saint Paul Street, Rochester, NY, 14605, USA
Date Established: 1994
Category: Wholly Owned Subsidiary (of Genesee Brewing Company) Regional Brand, with a Single Principle Facility and Full Scale Regional Distribution, and Moderate National Distribution.

A month ago, we released a bit of ranting about how we define the word "favorite", and we came to the conclusion that it's not an easy word to understand. And that's probably why readers got three different answers for what we say when we're asked about our favorite beer. Whether it's Guinness, Lion Stout, or simply whatever our next new pint may be, none of these beers will ever hold the place in our hearts like JW Dundee's Original Honey Brown Lager. For years - many years before we started taking beer loving to a whole new level, Honey Brown was not only one of the first beers we had ever had, it was also our favorite for quite some time. We grew up in Rochester, New York, an upstate city perhaps best known for its past rather than its present... or future. This is a place where beer flows cheaply, and a lot of emphasis is placed on local community, as well as local beer. The Genesee Brewing Company, being one of the top ten brewers in The United States, had a fairly large share of the local beer drinking market. And as owners of the Dundee brand, their beer was found in every grocery store, every pub, and at every backyard barbecue. Back when the brand was first starting in 1994, it was known as JW Dundee's and Honey Brown was the only beer produced. Now, the brand has expanded its portfolio to include both perennial "craft" offerings, as well as four seasonals. We put craft in quotes, because by definition, a craft beer can only be produced by a brewery which is independent. Still, this brewery uses no adjuncts, and that's fine by us. Today, the brewery still shares its main facility with the Genesee Brewing Company, both of which are owned by North American Breweries (which is actually a subsidiary itself). Visitors of the brewery can now try many of Genesee and Dundee's offerings at their new Brew House, and even take home a growler or two if they so choose. The brewery produces more than a dozen ales and lagers for the brand, whose flagship is still Honey Brown Lager.

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All rated Beer from Dundee Ales And Lagers

*This page is about the Dundee Ales and Lagers Brand. Also see the page on the Genesee Brewing Company

4-06-13 - Stout - 3.65, American Stout, 5.80%
This is a limited availability brew (only available in craft packs or on tap at the brewery) which is full of bold dark roasted coffee/espresso and semi sweet dark chocolate malt with a good amount of creamy texture as well as a full, heavy, traditional body. This is a smooth beer with an average amount of carbonation action, as well as a full, thick, dense foam head with a creamy appearance, and a good retention. This beer goes well with cheese soup.
1-01-12 - Oktoberfest - 2.98, Marzen/Oktoberfest, 5.50%
This seasonal offering (from August to October) uses Galena as well as traditional Hallertau hops to balance out this beer's traditional malty overtones of sweet chocolate, munich, and 2 row malts among others. This beer is dark amber colored and pours somewhat choppy with a three quarters inch tall foam head, as well as a clear appearance. With an IBU of 15, this is a mellow and sweet beer.
12-16-12 - Festive Ale - 2.61, Winter Warmer, 6.20%
This is a copper amber colored beer with a fairly strong, fruity aroma full of banana and clove. There is a bit of spice offered as a secondary, which complements this beer's dull hoppy profile, as well as somewhat sweet undertone. This is a medium bodied, smooth beer with a moderately high amount of carbonation, and an average viscosity.
Date Expurgated - Summer Shandy - 2.14, American Pale Wheat Ale, 4.20%
This light bodied brew is full of citrusy sweet and very pale, 6 row malt flavor, which to some may not be of any real substance, unless you're on a 95F degree beach. This beer, as indicated by its name, is a summer option, being distributed during the hot months of April to July. With an IBU of only 9, this is a very mellow beer which uses Apollo hops and traditional lager yeast.
Date Expurgated - Porter - 2.65, American Porter, 6.50%
As is with most porters, this is a fairly full bodied brew which pours smoothly with a moderately low amount of carbonation action, giving this beer a full, thick, dense, and creamy inch tall foam head. This beer's dark, nearly opaque appearance is due to its use of roasted coffee, caramel, and chocolate malts, which are balanced by the use of Apollo, Cascade and Columbus hops. This beer is both somewhat sweet as well as noticeably bitter toward a dry finish, and is available only at the Brew House, or in 12 bottle craft packs.
Date Expurgated - Pale Bock - 2.74, Maibock/Helles Bock, 6.20%
This is a typical German style maibock with a rich golden color, a thin, but tall foam head, and a clear appearance. This beer is fairly light and somewhat restrained on the flavor, which is formed by both Hallertau and Apollo hops, balanced with 2 row and Carahell malts. This beer's IBU of 25 sets it in the average range for the style. This beer is only available at the Brew House, or in 12 bottle craft packs.
Date Expurgated - Pale Ale - 2.44, American Pale Ale, 5.30%
This is a fairly generic pale ale with a good amount of hoppy aroma, a nice caramel malty balance, and a medium light body. This beer has a rich amber color with a half inch foam head and a moderately high amount of carbonation. This is an easy drinking beer for just about any time of the year, and with an IBU of 30, this pale is rather mellow considering the style. This beer is only available in craft packs, and features a frog on the bottle in relation to its style's use of hops.
Date Expurgated - IPA - 2.42, American IPA, 6.30%
This is a bitter beer with a deep citrusy hoppy aroma, and a slightly spicy secondary note. This hoppy beer is balanced somewhat with two row and caramel malt barley, and comes in with an IBU of 60, making it one of Dundee's most bitter beers. This is a medium light bodied beer with a fairly crisp and dry finish, and a moderate amount of carbonation. This beer is brewed with Columbus, Willamette, and Chinook hops, all from America.
Date Expurgated - Honey Brown Lager - 3.05, American Lager, 4.50%
Brewed with real Manitoba White Clover honey, this lager is the first and original flagship brew of the Dundee brand. First brewed in 1994, this sweet lager is made with lager yeast, typical lager malt, and is moderately light bodied. This beer won the Gold Award at the 2004 World Beer Cup. With an IBU of only 10, this fairly sweet and mellow beer showcases its use of pure honey rather than its American hops. This beer pours dark golden (rather than brown) and is filtered, giving off a fairly bright shine in the light. There is a moderate amount of carbonation action, giving this beer a half inch tall foam head with a below average density and a fairly short retention. Easy drinking, this beer's somewhat sweet and light profile goes well in the summer, but is available in bottles all year round across the country.