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Location of Origin: 445 Saint Paul Street, Rochester, NY, 14605, USA
Date Established: 1878 (1819 as The Aqueduct Spring Brewery, and 1857 as Rau & Reisky Brewery)
Category: Subsidiary (of North American Breweries, Cerveceria Costa Rica S.A., Florida Ice & Farm Company) Macrobrewery With Multiple National Brands and Contract Brewing Operations, Sales Ranked 8th in the Nation, Over 450 Employees, Moderate National Distribution, and Heavy Regional Distribution.

Rochester. It is a place of another time and another world. Yet despite our best efforts to convince you all that we're from Boston, MA, The Flour City is where we call home. Sadly however, this home of ours has not exactly had a great history over the years. Rochester in the twentieth century saw increased violent crime, failing schools, race riots, and a widespread decay of the region's once nation leading industrial presence. Outsourcing, poor management, and increased costs has led to a massive growth of brownfields where prominent companies like Kodak, Xerox, General Motors, and Pfaudler-Permutit used to have sprawling industrial estates. But since then, numerous efforts, combined with a modest economic recovery have helped

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1-04-13 - Genesee Brew House Winter Warmer Ale

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12-31-15 - Iron Snow Imperial Black IPA - 2.94, American Black IPA, 8.00%
12-27-15 - Genesee Salted Caramel Porter - 2.87, American Porter, 6.50%
6-20-15 - Imperial Black IPA - 2.90, American Double/Imperial IPA, 8.00%
5-24-14 - Genesee Brew House Blonde Ale - 2.78, American Blonde Ale, 5.25%
5-24-14 - Genesee Brew House Kolsch - 2.95, Kolsch, 5.00%
5-24-14 - Genesee Brew House Maibock - 3.03, Maibock/Helles Boc, 5.00%
5-24-14 - Genesee Brew House Altbier - 2.71, American Altbier, 5.00%
4-06-13 - Genesee Brew House Pale Ale - 3.33, American Pale Ale, 5.50%
4-06-13 - Genesee Brew House Amber - 3.41, American Amber/Red Ale, 5.00%
12-23-12 - Genesee Brew House Winter Warmer Ale - 4.02, Winter Warmer, 11.00%
Please see review above.
12-23-12 - Genesee Brew House Porter - 3.60, American Porter, 6.50%
Date Expurgated - Genny Light - 1.82, American Light Lager, 4.00%
First introduced in 1973, this is a very light pale lager which has become a staple among students attending colleges in Upstate and Western New York, as well as many other regions in the Northeast. This beer is marketed as a light, easy going, casual beer which is crisp, refreshing, light bodied, but also smooth and at least somewhat flavorful. As is with just about every light pale, this beer has a grainy and grassy overtone and aroma. Each 12 ounce serving contains 100 calories and 4 grams of carbohydrates.
Date Expurgated - Genesee Cream Ale - 1.74, Cream Ale, 5.20%
Introduced in 1960, this cream ale is brewed with an extra step of Krausening which allows it to be carbonated with wort rather than strictly fermentable sugars. This beer is brewed for smoothness and ale like flavors. With an IBU of only 12, this 162 Calorie beer is very mild. And though this is a warm fermented beer, this drinks and tastes more like a standard American Lager. Medium light bodied with a large, dense, creamy, foam head with a good retention. While definitely not one of our favorites, it is among others, including those judging at the Great American Beer Festival, who have given the Cream Ale ten Gold, Silver, and Bronze medals since 1990.
Date Expurgated - Genesee - 2.08, American Pale Lager, 4.50%
Genesee's flagship beer, this pale lager is the original beer of the brewery, having been first crafted in 1878, the year the brewery was founded as it is known today. This beer is made with six row malted barley, adjuncts (corn), and Yakima Valley hops. Medium bodied with a slightly crisp feel, this standard lager has a good deal of the usual grainy flavors which macrolagers usually present. Each can contains 148 Calories and 13.5 grams of carbohydrates. The beer has recently seen a surge in sales over the past few years, as new regionalized marketing efforts have made it a more attractive alternative to other widely distributed American Lagers.