Great Scot!

Location of Origin: Spott Road Ind Est, Dunbar, East Lothian EH42 1RS, United Kingdom
Date Established: 1719
Category: Subsidiary Regional Brewery of Greene King, Regional and Minor International Distribution, Largest Brewery in Scotland.

Orignally opened for business almost three hundred years ago, Behlaven Brewery is Scotland's oldest surviving brewery to date. The brewery specializes in traditional scottish ales served mainly in kegs, but also made available cask conditioned for local and regional pubs. The brewery also liscence brews Innis & Gunn , a specialty brand of oak aged beer also based in the Edinburgh area, which is bottled in the same lines as Belhaven beer. The brewery has faced many competitors over the years, with new Scottish breweries sprouting during the first half of the 1700s. Because Belhaven brewed relatively small amounts of beer and had a larger malting capacity than most breweries of the region, it survived the Scottish beer industry's downturn during the 19th and early 20th centuries, making it Scotland's oldest and largest brewery to date. In 2005, it was purchased in whole by Greene King of Bury St. Edmunds, Suffolk, England, UK for ₤187 million. The new owners reinforced that the original recipies, brands, and brewing facilities will remain unchanged during the transaction, leaving the brewery to remain true to its core competencies which made it the success it is considered to be today.

Reviewed Beer from Belhaven Brewery

11-08-12 - Belhaven Scottish Stout
5-05-12 - Belhaven Scottish Ale

All rated Beer from Belhaven Brewery

10-20-12 - Belhaven Scottish Stout - 4.06, Scottish Stout, 7.00%
Please see review above.
5-04-12 - Belhaven Scottish Ale - 3.72, Scottish Ale, 5.20%
Please see review above.
6-13-10 - Belhaven Best - 3.71, English Bitter, 3.90%
Considered to be the brewery's flagship beer. A very sweet, roasty, and malty ale, this beer has a medium amount of carbonation, and a half inch creamy foam head. The finish is somewhat bitter with a moderately lingering aftertaste. The beer is best on tap, fresh. When poured from a can, this beer loses a lot of body and crispness to it, which can drastically change perception of quality. This is medium bodied with a medium viscosity. Yes, it's good with some proper fish and chips.
6-13-10 - Belhaven St. Andrews - 3.46, Scottish Ale, 4.60%
Bright copper color with clarity and a thin foam head. Faint amount of carbonation and medium bodied. This is a fairly malty and sweet beer with some caramel and honey/toffee like flavors and aromas. There is a slight bitterness towards the finish with an aftertaste that lingers for a short time.