"Autumn is a Second Spring When Every Leaf is a Flower."

Brewery and Country of Origin: Throwback Brewery of Throwback Brewery, Warehouse Unit #3, 121 Lafayette Road, North Hampton, NH, 03862, USA

Date Reviewed: 10-08-13

About one year ago, we reviewed Sierra Nevada's Tumbler Autumn Brown, a brown ale which, in our minds, celebrates the glory of the fall season. Back then, we discussed the wondrous beauty of fall foliage. We also reviewed Sam Adams' recent Maple Pecan Porter, and went on about the maple tree and maple syrup. There was also Rogue's maple bacon Voodoo Doughnut, and Harpoon's 100 Barrel Series Catamount Maple Wheat Session Ale. So understandably, you'd think that by this point, we'd gotten sick of maple flavored beer. But we're only getting started. And if there's any seasonal food and beer worth mentioning, it's what comes in autumn. By far and away, the fall is our favorite season. Aside from having (in our humble opinions) the best seasonal food and beer offerings, it marks the beginning of football and hockey season. It has some of the best holidays (including of course, Thanksgiving). Regular tv series begin new seasons. Cross country (for you nerdy runners out there) is back, and of course, the weather that makes running the most enjoyable. Not to mention the foliage mentioned earlier, as well as the MLB playoffs. So yes, we're fans of autumn. And because the weather is getting cooler, heavier, maltier, and darker colored beers are going to start replacing the lighter, more crisp and refreshing summer ales. And of course, one of those such styles is the lovable, trustworthy, English bred porter, which happens to be a style we're quite fond of. And that brings us to Throwback Brewery, who has made a maple flavored porter infused with wheat. In a way this is similar to the Harpoon Catamount Maple Wheat. Oh wait, Halloween! Another reason why Fall is the best season by far. Where were we again?
Date Sampled: 8-10-13 At: Throwback Brewery, Warehouse Unit #3, 121 Lafayette Road, North Hampton, NH, 03862, USA
Beer Style: American Porter
Alcohol by Volume: 5.80%
Serving Type: Brewery Growler, 20 oz Mug Glass
Rating: 3.94


The Maple Kissed Wheat Porter pours smoothly with moderately low amounts of carbonation action, giving this beer a three quarters inch tall foam head with a low retention and an average density. This beer displays moderate lacing. This porter has a hazy appearance with the inclusion of some very fine sediment with an opaque quality without bright light. This beer has a dark brown color, no shine, and a very dull glow when held up to the sun.


This beer has a medium high strength aroma with a big amount of dark semisweet chocolate malt and some immediately present strong coffee espresso secondary roasted notes. There are also some biscuity and nutty aromas to be noted, but no trace of any hops, fruity notes, or alcohol.


This is a medium full bodied brew with a good amount of viscosity, a medium weight, and a dull, lingering finish that has some dry character. This is an easy to drink beer with a smooth overall feel, and an average amount of carbonation. This beer offers no alcohol induced warming, and no real refreshment or crispness.


As expected with any porter, this beer is full of dark, rich coffee and semisweet dark chocolate malty notes delivering a good deal of sweetness and some bitterness. This beer has a medium high strength roasted and burnt malty profile with a good amount of nutty and sweet bread or biscuity like note. This beer has no fruity notes, and finishes slightly bitter with a somewhat dry lingering finish. There is no alcohol tinge and no distinct hoppy flavor.

Our Take

Though this beer explicitly broadcasts its inclusion of wheat, you don't really get the typical banana, fruity, or clove notes that you'd expect. Still, this beer delivers quite the roasted malty experience that any porter fan demands. This is also a smooth, fairly thick beer with a good amount of substance, which does in fact make it appropriate for more colder weather, but that's good considering we're beginning to see some finally. And while very low to almost no amount of maple flavor was detected, that (along with the absense of wheat notes) does little to detract from this porter being a good, rich, malty, and robust porter that'll go with any real meat based hearty meal and a cool fall afternoon.